Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Are you suffering with Sinus or Migraine ?
Does Acidity troubles you often ?
How about pain in your legs and hips ?
Backaches seem to be pretty common these days ?

Nah, it’s the pain in the shoulder and neck which is troublesome !
Stress is the concern ..


Work upon your lifestyle problems, stress, fatigue, aches & pains without any medical procedures. No medicines, no injections, no harsh treatments.


Purely scientific therapy based on the science of sounds – Tuning Forks.


What are Tuning Forks ?
Tuning Forks are the 2 pronged steel or aluminium made tools used by medical professionals to detect the hearing ability in the patient. With the advancement in the technology and in the field of holistic approach to heal & deal with lifestyle problems, Tuning Forks were introduced to work upon pains, inflammations, etc.


We are the first one in India to use the Tuning Forks as a therapy tool to work upon various diseases. Please find the below pictures to see the amazing results these tools bring.