Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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The Sound World

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life said Dr Bruce Lipton. When I used to think about co creating a brighter life, I would often think of doing something that I have never done in my life. And that something that comes from my core. Holding this idea of doing something close to my heart, I began with understanding “The Sound World”(please don’t misunderstand it as Sound Therapy). The sound world is made up of peace, calmness, happiness & the most important state that is the state of inner stillness. It is state that keep you still from inside and to remain balanced. Once I achieved this inner stillness, Sounds(as a therapeutic tool) automatically started happening to/with me. That’s when I began learning Sounds from all possible dimensions. Exploring sounds from various dimensions, I realized that Sound as therapeutic tool has no structure. The theory upon which Sound is based is the physics, the science but the way sound works and the way sound heals is mysterious.


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