Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Everything in this universe vibrates at a specific frequency, we humans too. Our life and it’s situations orbit around it. We are so engrossed in our lifestyle and it’s routine that the touch with our inner vibration is lost. And this is the reason why we see problems in our life repeating. These problems may be health issues, relationship problems, mental concerns like over thinking, anxiety, imbalanced emotions, fear, insecurity, financial instability etc.

Vedantic philosophy is one such part of our retreat that will guide you on the path to release all the blockages and baggage from your past.Sound will help you connect with your inner vibration by silencing your mind.The techniques and the concept used in Sound & Vedanta Retreat are purely scientific and experiential.

When you decide to be a part of the retreat, Remember you’re not just saying yes to visit another country or another course, it is not just the time to rejuvenate yourself, indeed, it is the time that you shall dedicate to bring transformation within yourself. It shall be the time when you’ll greet & meet your inner self.

The Silence by the sea,
Away from the clutches of life,
Under the sky,
In the laps of the nature,
Experiencing the Inexperienced !

Welcome to THE SOUND & VEDANTA RETREAT, first of its kinds in Symi Islands, Greece.

A 7N/8D retreat that involves takeaways and giveaways too ! Take away all the gifts that we have to offer you in terms of the course, the time spent along, the excursions and of course the Memories.. And giveaways shall be in terms of the past baggage, tensions, worries and all that block your path in experiencing the inexperienced.

The curriculum of the retreat is pretty much a surprise but to give you a gist –

Ms Aditi Vyas, A Hypnotherapist and a Past Life Regression Therapist holds more than a decade of experience in her field and is nonetheless than a pioneer. Being present in a retreat with her itself will immerse you in the knowledge abundantly. Say a yes to understand the philosophies of Vedanta along with Aditi.

Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel, A well known Sound Therapist across India believes in flowing with the flow of life. Sounds & Priyanka make a terrific combo to bring in transformation in ones life. She does actually nothing but plays the singing bowls & her Gong along with Tuning Forks to create a space that brings peace, bliss & joy within our hearts. Sound Bath along Priyanka is a must to do when around her.

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