Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Sound Therapy

Everything is vibration. From the seat that you might sit in to the paper or the mouse you are holding, everything is in a condition of vibration. This isn’t another thought. Your ancestors have known this for some a thousand years, yet now your researchers are starting to comprehend this and concur. It is a superb begin. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom, to the planets spinning around suns in the galaxy, everything is in movement. Everything is in vibration of frequencies.

The Law of Vibration won’t not be too known as the Law of Attraction. Notwithstanding, the Law of Vibration fills in as the establishment for the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Vibration expresses that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates – everything is vibrating at some speed. Nothing rests. All that you see around you is vibrating at some frequency, as are you. Notwithstanding, your frequency is not quite the same as different things in the universe and that is the reason it appears as though you are isolated from what you see around you; individuals, creatures, plants, trees, etc.

In truth you are not isolated – you are in certainty living in a sea of energy – as we as a whole seem to be. We are altogether associated at the most minimal level – a level professor John Hagelin calls The Unified Field.

Everything has its own particular vibrational frequency – the table – the auto – the photo outline – the stone – even our musings and emotions. It is altogether administered by The Law of Vibration.

In like manner, each organ, each cell inside our body additionally vibrates at a particular frequency. The body is said to be flawless concordance when each part vibrates at its unique frequency. Disease represents the distortion in the energy field, in the organ’s natural frequency.

What is the system for healing? Resonance. “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” (Richard Gordon)

Sound Therapy works on the theory of resonance where the vibrations from the tools used penetrate deep inside the body to restore the organs specific frequency thereby resulting in the harmony. The tools used in this therapy are therapeutic grade Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks and Matrekas.

There’s no organ system in the body that is not affected by the sound, music and vibration. You can look at a dis-ease as a form of disharmony – Mitchell Gaynor.

A guided meditation with singing bowls and gong is a relaxing experience which channels the transformational sound from singing bowls and gong to calm and quiet the mind, the body and the heart to induce a deep sense of well being and healthy harmony.

The session begins by masterfully playing the singing bowls followed by Gong to produce the currents of harmonic sound and waves of resonant vibrations from the ancient instruments to cleanse the conscious mind, promote positive transformation in the body and activate the healing process in your soul.

Becoming whole is a process where folks mindfully become involved. During the process, I support the groups consciousness by clearing blocked energy, re-establishing the balance of flow and lighting the way for life’s transformation, while participants experience the deep sense of well being, releasing the stress from physical level and detoxifying themselves from the emotional levels. And hence the session also helps participants balance their personal and professional lives.

Benefits of the Sound healing session: –

☆ Helps overcome Fears, Anxiety and Insecurity Issues

☆ Helps overcome Depression and Psychological concerns

☆ Heals majority of Aches & Pains

☆ Helps you raise your consciousness

☆ Brings a transformation from within that stays permanent.

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