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Singing Bowls are Gaining Popularity

They’re attractive and most of them fall in love with them at first sight. Singing Bowls aren’t any kind of regular bowls used as a kitchenware. The origin of singing bowl dates back to Bronze Age as per google search, however according to Indian cultural history these are even older. The bell metal which is known as “Kansa” in India has been used in cooking, eating & also as a therapeutic tool. Kansa carries the properties of disinfectant. It kills the microorganisms present in the food as soon as the food comes in contact with the metal in a short period of time. Kansa also aids relief from joint pains, pain in the knees, calf muscles & lower back. The metal had no specific design, it was found in the form of a plate or a bowl or a glass of various sizes & shapes. My grandmothers kitchenware was majorly made up of Kansa.

Here are 2 of those images from her collection. Alas! We have lost the major of what she had as her asset as we were unaware of the benefits. Every family cooked & ate their food in Kansa. Majority of those were discarded because of the new inventions of steel & glassware. Luckily I have been gifted a set of plates, bowls & glasses made up purely of Kansa. These were bought by my mother close to 30 years ago. I am glad to have a few in my collection. Today, Kansa is widely well accepted in the form of Singing Bowls & Gongs. These instruments are played masterfully to promote healing & well being. Singing Bowl that are made up of Kansa carry therapeutic properties. There are various types of singing bowls available in the market today. Not every bowl that sings is a singing bowl.

Six years ago I stepped into this fascinating world of singing bowls. I wanted to own every bowl that I saw. My teacher would not let me pick any. It is not you who chooses the bowl. The bowl itself will choose you. Gain the mastery over being one with the bowl and the bowl will be yours ~ said my master. I started playing the bowls that I had. The sound the bowls made was irritating & triggered anger. It wasn’t soothing. There was a time when I had thought of quitting singing bowls & discarding them forever. My husband did not like the sound of the bowls played by me at that time. It wasn’t the bowls fault or the quality of the bowl. It was the energy level I was vibrating with. The anger, the negative thinking, the limited approach towards life, zero happiness quotient, etc were a part of my system then. Something within me never allowed me to give up Sounds. I played them day in & day out.

Everything gradually changed.

My perception, my thoughts, my approach towards my own life, my belief system, my relationship

every little thing in my life started transforming

Today I am known as Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel and that’s because of Sound


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