Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Sound Healing is an effective proven modality that uses vibrational sounds to help create a deep sense of health & wellbeing, reduces stress & alters consciousness.


About Sound Healing Course it is a 2 day intensive course on sound healing. No pre-requisites other than a mind that is open to everything & attached to nothing.


Day 1:

1) What is Sound Healing.

2) Information on Singing Bowls & other tools used in Sound Healing.

3) Striking of the bowl ( compulsory practice session)

4) Self Healing for physical, mental detox.

5) De-Stress Demo with practice.

6) Mind Detox Demo with practice.


Day 2:

1) Practice De-stress & Mind Detox

2) Rimming to cleanse & release (compulsory practice session)

3) Understanding the relationship between Sound, Ayurveda & 5 Elements.

4) Sound Healing as a medium to Heal various physical concerns such as:

  • Headaches/Sinus/Migraine
  • Backaches
  • Spondylitis/Frozen Shoulders
  • Joint Pains
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure.

5) Sound & Chakras

6) Sound to release Fear, Phobias & Anxiety.

7) Detoxification through Sound


Group Meditation
Question & Answer


Prior Registrations Compulsory.

Seats will be confirmed only upon 60% advance payment of the total course fees.
Fees is Non-refundable.


In case the student is not able to make it for the course,in case of any kind of emergencies, the course fee remains as advance payment with the authorities till the next course is announced. The student is liable to pay extra charges if any(depending upon the venue of the course.)

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