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Self Talk – Reason behind Who I am

Nobody earlier ever asked about my journey into sounds. These days people have started asking me about my journey into sounds and how did I choose it as a career. Out of many reasons, I share one that comes to my mind at that moment. However, when I return home and I lay down on my bed with my thoughts, I do ponder over my speech. Pondering over this one question, I found these answers for myself –

  • I am my beliefs.
  • I believed everything once and I am living it today.
  • I believed to tour the world with my work and I am doing it today.
  • I believed to drive in my car to work and I am doing it today.
  • I believed to speak my heart out before the audience and I am doing it today.
  • I believed to help people in whichever possible way and I am doing it today.

With all the odds that I was made off, there was one even thing that remained constant with me and still exists within me. The ability to SELF TALK. In the loneliest of the times and the hardest phase of my life, I spoke to myself. The me within me was and still is the biggest support. I cannot think of a single day in my life when I must have not communicated with myself. I don’t consider it to be a special ability. What matters the most here is that I always listen to the voice that comes from within. I acknowledge it and act accordingly. This inner voice has been my biggest motivation.

I was influenced by the culture, society, and people around me. Everything overpowered me. Confidence, self-respect, self-esteem had no choices left but were buried deep inside by the conscious choices I made in unawareness. Conversation with my inner voice changed everything into a HOPE just before I fell asleep every night. And with the same hope that I woke up, the bright sun-kissed me every morning.

Sounds in the form of singing bowls came into my life as a new healing technique available in the market which can be learned and applied to heal patients. I did not know the difference between healing & curing then. Surprisingly singing bowls never healed me but always kept me agitated. And that’s exactly when the journey within consciously began. Sounds brought awareness. Even today when I feel low on my energies, Sounds elevate it. Sounds help me stay tuned with my inner voice.

Every problem of mine merges with the inner sound, giving rise to a new tune, within which life flows.

Nãda Anand
Sat Chit Anand

Priyanka Jay Patel


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