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Power of chanting – Matrikas

Each human voice, like fingerprints, has its own unique patterns states Sharry Edwards. Sharry Edwards has studied human voice and its patterns to determine an individual’s signature sound.


This statement of hers feels so accurate. Ever since I am practicing chanting of Matrikas for myself, I have noticed different tones, connotations, pitch and vibratory level while chanting. Not just in me but in my clients too who comes to me various problems.


While chanting, the disturbance in the sound, the irritated feeling while chanting, the effort needed to chant and the effect of chant – all of it feels imbalanced if the physiology and psychology are not in harmony. The same chant feels absolutely effortless and easy and the effects of the same bring the feeling of joy when everything is the perfect harmony and in balance. Physiology and Psychology seem participatory.


This also infers that – no single sound can be chanted in the same frequency for the second time. The sound totally depends upon the physiological and the psychological state at that moment. However, if the state of mind and body is not in harmony, chanting for couple of minutes restores the balance and brings the feeling of well-being and happiness.


Chanting – escalates my state of being into deep silence. Meditation to me is to “just be” in that state simply observing & witnessing all that is. This then is the state of nothingness. Chanting is a tool that takes me into that state of nothingness.

The above abstract comes totally from my experience with chanting for me and for my clients. And the changes and transformation in the feeling has been witnessed while chanting. The effects of the same have also been observed afterwards. The balanced state continues for as long as a weeks’ time until no external factor influences or triggers the mental peace. Hence, it is recommended to chant at least once in a day to experience the silence deep within.


Benefits of chanting:-

Lessens Anger

Lessens Ego

Releases Frustration

Increases Love

Bring Happiness

Improves Health

Strengthens Immunity


Chanting Heals!!

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