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Positivity and Sound Healing

A quiet mind is all that is important to live a happier life ~ says Deepak Chopra.

Truly, it is very important to have a quiet mind and at the same time very difficult too. A client aged 32 I am working with currently is going through severe anxiety issues & panic attacks. His peace is ruined by his own thoughts and he’s aware of this side of himself yet helpless for his attention gets driven towards anxiety than the calmness. Undoubtedly Sounds help him silent the mind. However it is not a one time healing session that will help him overcome his issue. He’ll definitely need couple of sessions until he’s completely out of this state. The challenge here is to breakdown the belief that he has to think positive all the time and he has to get rid of it instantly. He has been bombarded with the advice saying “think positive”, “try to be happy”, “don’t think so much”, “you’ve everything that you want in your life, there’s no lack”, etc etc. Is it so easy to think positive when the mind & body are not in sync with each other. It isn’t that easy to think positive. Thinking positive is one the most difficult thing to do when going through anxiety & panic attacks. However it isn’t impossible. Advising someone to think positive in such cases can be stressful. I began with making him accept his current state, we acknowledged the fact that he feels anxious. This approach was enough for me to win his trust. With this he’s trying to practice sounds to release any discomfort when anxious. Regular sessions with “Sounds” are drifting away his attention, diverting his mind and helping him calm his breath. These baby steps and success at every step is a journey worth travelling to bring in transformation in someone’s life.

Moral :- Never force yourself to think positive rather choose to accept yourself and acknowledge and then learn the right way to silent your mind.

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