Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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How did “Sound” change “My life”?

Worries, tensions, frustrations, botheration, etc are a part of today’s lifestyle. Most of us experience these on a daily basis. Fast-moving lifestyle, expectations from self & from the people around us, expectations from the society, women wanting to standup & voice up for their presence, men equally being powerful to sustain their image, children being forced to become something, children being forced to chase their dreams, and the list can go on forever. While there are few amongst us who believe in flowing with minimum expectations from self & the people & the society; and there is a handful of them who know & understand that expectation is the reflection of lack inside.

Before sounds came into my life, I expected from every single person around me. I had preconceived ideas about how a relationship should be, how a society should operate, how my friends should behave and how can I live at par with the rest around me. Those preconceived ideas did not allow me to see life as it is. I was wearing dark lenses on my eyes that did not let me absorb, acknowledge, accept life as it was. Cribbing about every part of my life not being perfect, complaining about relations not serving any purpose, cursing my past & holding onto this strange belief that my past is continuously happening to me in my present, frustration followed by anger with every individual for they not fulfilling me emotionally and what not. I had made my life a big mess !!

Only after sounds came in my life, the journey within began. And I slowly started realizing that the world cannot change as per my expectations, I need to change myself to see those changes in the world. All of my thoughts, emotions, beliefs reside inside of me which are independent of everything that is happening outside of me. It’s just the blame within me that stops me from knowing the facts of the inside/outside world. The mind was densely fogged with utter nonsense and no space to even breathe in calmness & solace. I was searching for all of it from others. I was expecting my family to make to happy, I was expecting my career to bring contentment, I was expecting every damn thing from the outside world to be fulfilled inside of me. In short, I was constantly thinking(irrelevantly) to what life needed at this moment.

Sounds brought me back to this moment. Slowly, the mental fog started clearing and I started accepting life as it is. Questions & doubts from life started turning into acceptance by default. And all of this started happening because I started becoming mindful about every little thing. I started enjoying my meals, I started cooking passionately and I also started listening to the sounds within me. Life started showing up its simplicity. Expecting to do more in order to have more to live a better life dropped.

All that actually happened through sounds is that my mind started breathing at this moment, thoughts slowed down, I gained much control over my emotions, I stopped getting carried away by the outer world, I stopped worrying about my future, and I started living for myself. The more I turned within, the more harmonious life became. Outside & Inside world got tuned to the same rhythm. I became Me. I became a Sound. Thus, I continue to live being Sound.


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