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HOPE ~ Cure for ADHD through the power of Sounds & Vibrations

As I recollect, It was the very first day when this little boy walked along with his parents, unaware of what Sound Therapy is all about. With his eye brows raised and anger within. He didn’t want to experience any other kind of technique to overcome his ADHD issue. I was a stranger to him. We had met for the first time. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to talk to me. Probably, there was a percent of fear that didn’t allow him to smile looking at me for the first time. He had assumed me to be another psychologist/psychiatrist that bombards him with various aptitude tests. His mother had explained me his traits over a phone call and we avoided discussing him as a subject during their first visit.


He was seated on the sofa along with his parents and I was seated on the opposite side of the hall on a single chair for better eye to eye communication.


Soon that I realised that he has an image of a doctor for me, I gently sat down on the floor along with my bowls. Asked him, if he would like to know what these bowls actually do ?! Astonished he, came down on the floor. One strike on mine on the bowl raised the curiosity within him to play and examine if the bowls won’t hurt him. He continued playing them the way he wished to for the next couple of minutes until I asked him to lie down on the bed next to the main hall. Before we began, I explained him the role of singing bowls as a technique(obviously keeping the affect & benefits away from him). Hridhaan was cooperative enough and allowed me to play the bowls for him for nearly half n hour. I sensed, I had won his trust on the day one. Post the session, he still wanted to have his hands on different bowls and started playing them like drums. I chose to allow him to play them the way he wanted to. I didn’t want to be a witch on the very first day and say a NO because I sensed HOPE in his mother’s eyes.


Immediately after the first session, as soon as Hridhaan reached home, he took the steel bowls and spoons from his kitchen to check if those bowls were the same ones that he had played with me. His mother sent me a picture via watsapp to show me the influence of the singing bowls. Somewhere I knew that bowls had already played magic and I had won his trust. 50% of my job was done. Because I wanted him to come to me willingly. His understanding was beyond his age(7 year old). He accepted sound and me, both.


He walked in happily the very next week because he knew he would get a chance to play the bowls once again. To his surprise, he was also allowed to play Tuning Forks also during his second session. The only promise between us that was unsaid was, if he allows me to play, I shall reciprocate the same. It was unsaid and done ! I also gifted him a singing bowl so that he can carry it home and play it for himself whenever he feels like. Daksha( Hridhaans mothers name has been changed for privacy reasons) one day sweetly expressed “he enacts you”. He places the bowl on my stomach and abdomen and plays it for me. I was so so happy listening Daksha say that.


We successfully finished 6 sessions of Sound Therapy with a combination of Sound Therapy tools viz Singing Bowls, Matrikas and Tuning Forks. Post the 6th session, this is what his mother wrote to me :-


Hi Priyanka…wanted to update u on Hridhaan’s changed behavioural pattern…


Yesterday was my sixth session with you and I am so happy to tell you that I have observed amazing changes in him right from the fourth session itself…


He has transformed to a completely different kid, very understanding and very controlled in his behaviour…


His hitting habits have almost gone and he also tries to control his anger a lot…really mixes well with his friends and also has an improved handwriting in school and no complaints from teacher (not to miss)


Only his attention defect has to be taken care of since I’m relying on medicines for that …n I’m sure we’ll successfully get him out of this too…A big thank to u for all the efforts that u have put on him…I am truly lucky to have introduced to u and thank u again for keeping up to my expectations


This little note is enough for me as a Sound Enthusiast to serve my bit towards the society and my people.


The journey with Hridhaan continues..


Without expecting any results, Flowing with the flow of Sounds


~ Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel


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