Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Gong is the sound that projects you out of your realm to the infinity - Yogi Bhajan

Gongs are the flat metal discs made mostly from 70-80% copper and 20-30% Tin. Every bowl(singing bowl) born is a gong first. Gongs are today widely used to promote healing and sense of well being. People also play Gongs in the concerts. In ancient days, gongs were used as bronze shields to give the sign of attack or retreat. Ethnomusicologists believe that the origin of the gongs was in Ancient Greece which then spread to India in 4th century BC with Alexander The Great. The original Greek Gong was called as Echeion. Gongs were also used in various occasions, in theatres, during birth or death ceremonies, in meditations and to alter states of consciousness.

Workshop Details:-

  1. Origin of Gong, Types of Gongs
  2. Resonance of Gong with the human body
  3. Gong and the chakras
  4. Learn 17 strikes to play the Gong masterfully and to conduct Gong sessions
  5. Gong Therapy to heal various physical, emotional, mental concerns
  6. Learn to play gong while conducting Gong Bath for a group
  7. Group Gong Bath (Where we all shall play the Gongs together)