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Entangled into Thoughts

Most of the friends, relatives and the clients I meet, who are on the verge of changing themselves towards being more in this moment, have one complaint in common which is – Neurosis, thinking continuously, having no sense of what they’re actually thinking.
Not just people I encounter but the majority of us think continuously. What do we think and why do you think has no relevant answer. Thinking in itself is a futuristic process. One cannot think of his present moment, neither can he. Thinking either leads our consciousness to escalate in past holding onto memories or leads us to future creating memories. Neither the past nor the future ones are real. Past & future are merely an illusion yet we are deeply entangled into these rather than being in this present moment, in this very here and now. What stops us from being in this moment? Yes, the inability to stop the ongoing thoughts. Thoughts give rise to certain emotions, and such emotions bring the feeling of safety and security which engulfs the whole reality of the present moment thereby leading us to leave this moment and leads to no awareness zone. Majority amongst are stuck here, in this act of engulfing self into the safe zone. This safe zone is the fake zone keeping one away from the reality & happiness of living in this present moment.
So how do we bring our awareness to this very present moment, in this very here and now? The simple answer to this is by detangling the knots in the mind. To let the mind stop its continuous chatter, the infusion of a powerful tool is the only key. This tool can be none other than the Sound. Sound is the only tool that is the most effective way to stop this chaos. Any form of Sound helps us change our mood and we have all experienced it with the kind of music that we love listening to. Similarly, there are sounds that also disturb our mood and create more irritation like the sound of the traffic and the vehicles honking, someone screaming, dog barking etc. Thoughts in our mind are nothing but our own voice – yes the unpleasant ones but can be turned into the pleasant ones by changing perceptions. Mind involves itself into judgments, doubts, questions etc based upon its past experiences, the mind believes to experience the same experiences in future hence before the incident occurs it questions and creates disharmony within the consciousness, thus creating insecurities leading to anxiousness. And the whole of this is a process, human psychology is entangled into. Stress playing a key role in creating issues on physical, mental and emotional levels.
It is now time to bring awareness within self to detangle self from this pattern and live a life that is more happier and healthier by letting all of these patterns break.
Sound Bath is one of the most soothing and the relaxing experiences ever for it not only brings healing to the affected part of the body but also harmonizes the whole of us, aligns us to the universal energies and camouflages us into the pure vibrations. The whole experience leaves us in peace, bliss, joy, and glory to enjoy the life the way it is.
Come join us to experience and learn this unique way of living not just to survive and breathe but to live life happily.
Nothing in this world is permanent, it is all perishable, in that case, why hold onto – Why not leave that and live this ~ My Belief.
With an intention to create this big change, leading this path, I, Mrs. Priyanka Jay Patel, Founder of Sound Healing India wish you harmony & happiness throughout your life ?


  • Prasenjit Kamble

    January 20, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Thinking as we tend to think is not the culprit. The culprit is the ‘I’ which forfeits its ability to control these thoughts. Traditions and civilizations have blamed thinking, not realizing that it is this very process that makes us human and opens new vistas of evolution. Rather than prohibiting the very process, we need to devise ways to direct the process and reclaim the I lost amidst all this philosophical chaos.

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