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Happy New Year 2020

Anything that we ignore takes the center stage

I recently learned this and since then my approach towards most of the things in my life has changed.

“Anything that we ignore takes the center stage”

And I now strongly believe in this statement.

  • Sit back with yourself where you will not be disturbed.
  • Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to center within.
  • Take a deep bow to who you are and who you will be.
  • Bring every person in your vision and extend your heartfelt gratitude.
  • Every situation, every incident, every circumstance that you can think of, bring it into your vision and extend your heartfelt gratitude.
  • If you’re unable to express your feelings to anybody or towards any situation or incident that has occurred, please pay attention to this one. This is the one ignored and this person or this situation might have occupied a space in your mind.
  • Pay attention and see if this person or this incident has anything to say, express or teach.
  • Closely observe if there’s anything that was unseen then and if it can be seen now.
  • Yes, it will take you to your past which is to be noticed, understood, acknowledged and accepted. Let it all happen in its own time. It may all not happen in one go, it may all take days or months together.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Do not force yourself to seek clarity.
  • Be You

Every problem brings its solution along with it. Many times we are so involved in solving the problem that we become that problem and solving it becomes difficult. Often such problems then become a pattern around which life revolves. Nothing is life seems moving.

  • There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a friend, colleague, relative or a therapist.
  • Only you can and will know your life’s pattern. And if there’s anything that disturbs your mental peace, choose to speak about it with someone who can listen to you being neutral.
  • Do not suppress it if you cannot express. There are ways to express your inner feelings and there are ways to vent it out.
  • You’re unique and so is your life

May 2020 be the beginning of who you always wanted to be,
Step in with a Zeal,
Wishing each one of you a great start!

Happy New Year

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