Sound Healing India is a dream manifested into reality by Mrs Priyanka Jay Patel.

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Sound Healing India training courses helps its students to develop their intellectual, spiritual and creative capabilities, and to deepen their understanding of the purposes to which these skills may be put in service. We provide coursework, facilities, and opportunities for students to grow in healthcare & wellness, to develop a deeper understanding of their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies both through exercise and study, to learn how to work with infinite healing potential of SOUND for greater peace & joy in their lives as well as our beautiful universe.




Sound is the essence of life. Universe owes its existence to sound, that comes from...


To allow mind to relax & refresh, to let the body’s intelligence take over the mind...


Sound nada is the tool to devate mind to help mind plunge into the oceanic....


There are 50 Sanskrit alphabets which are also called as Matrikas...



Our upcoming workshops. Get time for yourself and feel healed mentally and physically through our world class healing therapies.

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Happy Customers

Priyanka, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop you held in Dubai. It was very interesting to learn about the effect of sound on the body, the ease of healing through sound as well as the marma bindhus and the chakras. I particularly enjoyed learning about stillness and nothingness (if that is the correct term). Overall, not only was it a learning about healing, but it was also an educational session that made it all the valuable.

Ms. Lara, Dubai

Before taking the training I never experienced such sounds and how deep sounds can effect you. However I suffered a terrible knee injury and I was looking for help. I never mentioned anything about my knee pain and right after the first day of training the pain almost vanished. Day 2 the pain was gone. It was a magical time spent in group of spiritual open and oriented people but the energy of our mentor Priyanka was what amazed me the most! She was like a lightning straight from the sky, opening doors to feelings deep down hidden. I recommend this training to everyone who is looking for transformation both mental and physical. A bit of sound kick never hurt nobody can see where it takes you and I will leave the rest to your personal experience.

Ms. Kristina

Priyanka was a stranger turned mentor and friend to me. And my sound journey started with her. I was fascinated with music since childhood but didn't knew that sounds shape us my life so much. After learning sound healing and seeing results with people around including myself made me believe the power of it. Small pains and emotional turmoils are so easily gone and got so much insight after it. She is an amazing teacher, always available for any questions and queries, patient enough to explain anything again & again and a beautiful person who will support in this uplifting journey. Thank you Priyanka for introducing sounds in my life. Wishing you lots of love and success.

Ms. Aditi Vyas


According to Upanishads, “The essence of all beings is earth, the essence of earth is water, the essence of water is the plants, the essence of plants is the human being, the essence of human being is speech, the essence of speech is Rigveda, the essence of the Rigveda is the Samaveda and the essence of Samaveda is Om & Om is the language of the universe pulsating at the same vibration as of the universe.

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